Water Water Everywhere?

This event has been held, please follow this link for the presentations:  https://ubocp.org.uk/news/water-water-everywhere/

Join us for a free event looking at the water resource challenges within the Upper & Bedford Ouse catchment. A light lunch will be provided. 

Water, water, everywhere – and not a drop to drink. We are facing the contrasting challenges posed by having both too much water and too little water.

This event will look at these ‘too much – too little’ challenges within the Upper & Bedford Ouse catchment and some of the work being planned and undertaken to address them. The water resource issues we face now will only increase. Further development means there will be more of us living and working in the catchment, using more water and creating more waste; and the impacts of climate change further highlight the pressures our water resources will face.

Presentation topics will include Chalk Streams and low flows, Natural Flood Management and local case studies

Speakers will include representatives of water companies, the EA, LA’s and other UBOCP partner organisations. A list of confirmed speakers will follow.

This event is being organised by the Upper & Bedford Ouse Catchment Partnership as part of our EA-funded Water Resources Collaboration & Engagement Project.

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